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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Too much email? Why responding to it, anyway?

Say the words information overload to anyone, and you will get a nodding. Everybody knows what you are talking about.

Too many e-mails in your in-box. Yeah, mutual understanding, again. Talk like this and you sure win a great friend.

May be it is this ovewhelming feeling, but already, the usage of email is seen as a tool, only for older people.

However, executives - may those older people - still prefer e-mail to other communication tools.

Users of e-mail start to react strongly. How? By simply responding later. With the motto that those that respond straight away must be new to the usage of e-mail, although there are not that many novices left, at least in the US, where 70% of Internet users use e-mail regularly.

Anyway, "nearly two-thirds of experienced computer users delay returning personal e-mails from one to three days, when they once would have immediately responded. Sometimes, it's even up to a week, and all, in perhaps an ultimately vain attempt, to reclaim their personal lives. Meanwhile, e-mail novices usually reflect the mentality of their forebears by constantly firing back replies."

So please, next time you receive a mail, don't respond immediately, if you want to be seen as being in the loop. Take your time. And may be one day, if this continues, snail mail becomes competitive again.

(By Asia Business Consulting)