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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

3G in Taiwan - nothing needed more than Girls, Gambling and Games

Another set of mobile communications companies is desperate to get consumers to use their 3G services. This time, it is Taiwan, which follows similar descriptions in Europe or Malaysia.

Apparently, companies offer all kind of services partially for free to lure consumers. Chungwa Telecom Co. Ltd., a leading mobile provider, has been offering handsets for as little as US$0.03 to subscribers of its new 3G services.

Not many take the offer up. "The telecom operators might have to take a tip from a local daily that claims ‘3G’ stands for ‘Girls, Gambling and Games’ as these things might help lure customers," this is what the newspapers write and may be there is some truth in it.

Anyway, current 3G service uptake is very much restricted to "stock prices, online trading, sending pictures, downloading ringtones, wallpaper and games" - things one could also get with GRPS.

Favourite usage of mobile phones? The usual as well: "More than 76 percent mobile subscribers use their handsets only for phone calls while barely 18 percent used the GPRS features."

(By Asia Business Consulting)