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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Internet real name system in Korea

After recent incidences of cyber-bullying in Korea, proponents of a system that forces South Korean Web surfers to provide their identification data to make online postings became stronger.

And the majority for such system is strong and growing. However it surely is no solution to the menace. It is a cultural phenomen and rather needs to be addressed via education - how to behave in the Internet, and what can happen if you slander.

Moreover, it is possible, anyway, to identify rogue users, via the individual IP number, even so it is more difficult if users use a public computer from, for example, a cybercafe.

Nevertheless, a growing internet usage should also give ground to growing self-regulation of users. If rogue messages are ignored, rogue users have not much fun in posting them anymore.

(By Asia Business Consulting)