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Friday, July 01, 2005

Older mobile users flogging to other services

The mobile phone's main function is to allow users to be reachable to take a phone call in certain situation. It freed users from the need to be close to a wire - the fixed line, so to speak, which users give increasingly up anyway.

Most of the time, users were youngsters. They drove the business of mobile phone companies forward, no doubt. New services now start penetrating the landscape, such as short stories that are presented on mobile phones. With increasing broadband penetration, more of those will be made available by suitable content providers - the US teens already desire other features, such as MP3 (gosh - this is something the recording industry won't like too much) and they are also willing to spend for it.

Anyway, older users apparently also start to use mobile phones beyond the voice. "Older users have started to embrace and regularly use text messaging — and the proportion of adult mobile consumers who indicated they had picture messaging capabilities doubled during the 2004 to 2005 period, to reach nearly one-fourth of mobile consumers."

Seniors might not necessarily like the newest technology or the smallest phones, but then, there are already those that are userfriendly for seniors.

(By Asia Business Consulting)