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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

7-11 goes e-savvy

All 3,000 7-11 in Thailand, the convenience store chain, goes e-savvy in Thailand. Here, customers will soon get an "electronic purse" incorporated into their ATM, credit or debit cards, as reported by The Nation (August 14, 2005 - no link available).

Time spent by the customer inside the store will be reduced since they only need to wave the card before an electronic reader, while the store itself would be able to reduce the amount of small changes in the store.

7-11 as a shop is an amazing personal tracker already. Anytime, someone buys something in the store, the cashier is suppose to quickly estimate the demographics of the person in conjunction with the purchase - this allows the company to track the purchase behaviour, estimate the turnover of products and finetune their promotions. With the e-store, this has just become cleverer.

(By Asia Business Consulting)