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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Chinese blogging world

Technorati last week said that there is a new blog born every second of the day. This affects blogs in China, of course, and the growth there is just as fantastic. Currently, there are about 14.2 million blogs - an enourmeous number but considering the fact that there are many more Internet users, the potential is huge, considering that there are 100 million Internet users (even so not all will start blogging, of course).

Anyway, companies are interested to cash in - with Yahoo, Google and Microsoft in the game, but don't forget the local guys, such as Bokee, formerly BlogChina.

All this happens besides the increasing Chinese censorship that now reaches out to television - and this seems to be like two different worlds that move apart from each other. The old guard, trying to keep control and the new emerging class, which just uses, what is available, to connect to the outside world, or share their inside world.

(By Asia Business Consulting)