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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No more privacy in today's world

All across the world, privacy is being invaded, frequently under the presumption that it helps to prevent the planning of terror attacks. Might be true or not, but then, there is not much privacy in the age of the Internet anyway.

However, governmental agencies collect data and unfortunately, every now and then, something leaks.

Malaysia, on the other hand, takes another approach with privacy, a more entrepreneurial, so to speak (pun intented). Here, "salesmen, property agents, insurance agents and telemarketers can obtain your confidential particulars from master lists of clients held by companies." Price - dependent on the number of contacts, between US$55 and US$150.

A desparate act, because otherwise, they will have to face the challenge to obtain telephone numbers? Could I call this imaginative?

According to the article, they appear to be pushy. Someone buying an apartment "had been getting several calls daily from property agents saying that they could sell his house for a good price." "A woman executive said she often received calls from banks and hotels promoting insurance and vacation packages."

What I wonder is: Do those callers receive any training? Do they actually believe that they can make it to a sale through this? I am not sure about this, but I wouldn't place a bet on it.

(By Asia Business Consulting)