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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gadgets - no more. But what about Asia?

We have handphones, we have handphones with cameras, we have PDAs, then, we have the Playstation, an MP3 Player, than we have a great surround system .... What else is needed?

Well, it is this "What else is needed" that worries the gadget or the electronics industry.

"Despite a forecast for US$125.7 billion in device sales this year by the Consumer Electronics Industry Association--that's up 11 percent from 2004-–brisk growth is unlikely to continue over the next 18 months."

This is the status in the US. In Asia, we have tech-crazy countries, such as Korea and the question is, will it cool off as well? And what about those Chinese and Indians that enter the middle class for the first time and are keen in buying gadgets? I guess, there is a lot of space for electronics industry in Asia, but in order to get this moving, expect a lot of ads and promotions.

(By Asia Business Consulting)