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Monday, August 22, 2005

Where do you stand, now, that China rises

China is unstoppable and India is not very far behind. On the other hand, resources to invest are not necessarily unlimited and companies must make a choice where to put their money.

So the question is - how do you make your country attractive? What is happening to those countries in in the former Soviet Republic, not to forget Bangladesh, Pakistan, or even places like Singapore, or Malaysia? It is not easy to be small and it won't get easier, if you don't have anything that is special.

This is an article that highlights the growing importance of China. The heading is a bit misleading, since the article really talks in detail about China.

Its objective is to gauge the extend of China's influence: "China’s growing presence in South Asia is riding on its accelerated economic and strategic influence in the region. This article gauges the interplay between economic, particularly resource factors, and strategic factors in China's advance in the region and its relations with South Asian nations."

It provides a great background review and, while lengthy, is worthwhile a read.

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