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Friday, August 19, 2005

Flexible with a mobile phone

How do mobile phones affect our lifes? What is changing in our behaviour, and how we interact with each other, just because we are having a mobile phone. In this sense, is the way we are behaving with a mobile phone because of the mobile phone, a general cultural values shift or just an indicator that life is getting faster and faster, in part propelled by technology? Or is it that it is easy to point at mobile phones as the culprit, while actually, it is a sign of deeper shifts?

I don't know.

But a new study by Intels reports that "nearly one in five people admitted to being unreliable about timekeeping because they had the "safety net" of a mobile. Three quarters said mobiles had made them more "flexible" when meeting friends - allowing them to arrange or cancel social gatherings at the last minute."

Okay - so I can cancel in the last minute - but how flexible is that? How annoying for those at the receiving end?

"Seventy-five per cent of people said they were more "spontaneous" with their social lives thanks to mobiles and a similar number said they knew far more about what was going on in their friends' lives because of e-mails and text messages." Because we SMS more often with each other? Because we can call someone when we are waiting somewhere, something that I like to do? Interesting study, but again, the "Why" of something and the interpretation of the result leaves a lot to ask.

(By Asia Business Consulting)