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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Internet Shopping in India

A new study has been published about Internet shopping in India. The study was conducted online, and could exposes it to some methodological issues, however.

Apparently, Indians like to shop online - "It turns out 40 per cent of urban net users are also on-line buyers. From these, nearly 4.2 million users qualify as consistent on-line shoppers. As little as 5 per cent of net consumers, contribute to as much as 42 per cent of the total sales on the net." This is fine, and promises a lot. I wonder why the author of the article wonders that females have such a small share in the online shopping world of India. They are writing that "not only do women constitute a meagre 15 per cent of the net users in India, but an even smaller percentage buys on-line."

This is the country, where you find large urban/ rural disparities, and huge disparities in gender issues. Where females are very disadvantaged. Is it then a wonder that you cannot find them online?

(By Asia Business Consulting)