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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Idols in China

China has its own version of an Idol - following those countries that already followed the US with their American Idol show.

The main point of the show is to let the audience vote for their favourite singer and the one voted the least is out of the race. It is the writing of modern music industry and one way to get over one primary issue - the development of talents through traditional ways - which is much, much slower and frequently fails. Here, with the Idol movements, the music industry has its instant stars, the television industry its growing audience glued to the TV screen, the communications industry its ever growing SMS numbers (because voting goes via SMS), and the family an ever happy evening event. Where else is it nowdays possible to get young and old together and join the fun and the voting? Usually, the "youngster" want to be away from the older ones.

Anyway, it was clear that the show won't take off too long in China, not after their recent increase censorship and clamp-down on television, blogs, and other popular outlets.

the show in China was dubbed Super Girl. "For weeks before the final, fans crowded shopping centres across the country, carrying posters of their favourite contestants in an attempt to rally votes for them.

About eight million, mostly younger, Chinese sent 'text messages of support' for one of the three Super Girl finalists, each costing about 7 cents. And the eventual winner, Ms Li Yuchun (right), a music student who got 3.5 million votes, became the talk of China's chatrooms on the Internet."

Now, it was getting too demogratic for China and "The Times reported sources saying that Chinese censors were concerned that the democratic methods used to select the winner from 120,000 entrants could stir trouble."

Well, so they don't have the show anymore - I am not commenting for or against the show - my points are made in the entry to this entry. But it is clear that there are always ways around rules and regulations.

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