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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ethiopia to invest 10% of GDP on broadband

The amount that Ethopia plans to spend on broadband development is probably peanuts compared to countries in Europe, the US or some in Asia.

Its GDP in 2003 reached US$6.3 billion and of this, it plans to spent 10%. Ethopia is one of the poorest countries in the world but it hopes that this investment will help it to propel the country into a better future.

The reason for this thinking is easy to see: "The aim is to use the technology to overcome some of the geographical disadvantages faced by this vast country. The remoter regions are beyond the reach of existing road and telephone networks, and connecting every village with Tarmac and copper wires would cost far more than the high-tech alternative."

And, if you look at countries, such as India, which were able to transform the local landscape with the Simputer, it is even clearer to understand, why Ethopia embarks on this road.

Moreover - it has not much to lose, and everything to win. It is a worthwhile undertaking.

(By Asia Business Consulting)