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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blogging or dogging? Another one on jargon

Just because I blog and you, who reads this blog, also blogs, your dog blogs, and your cat started yesterday while the goldfish considers it and just because Technorati reports every now and then that blogging is changing the world - it doesn't need to be in such a way. It is our perception, those that blog, that blogging changes the world.

May be it actually does, but then, the majority of the world still doesn't understand what is happening in the blogging world. The simple person on the road (if such one actually exists) is still confused by tech jargon. "90% of people do not know what podcasting means and seven in 10 people did not know what a blog is." Okay - well, the study was conducted with Focus Groups (since when can we derive quantitative numbers from focus groups) and amongst taxi drivers, pub landlords, beauticians and hairdressers. This is also the group which is not necessarily likely to blog - at least not while they work. I guess I would be worried if the taxi driver is blogging, or my hair dresser, while they cut my hair!

Just in case you are interested. Here is a list of the words which are the least understood:

1. Flashmobbing 9%
2. Podcasting 12%
3. Metrosexual 22%
4. Blogging 28%
5. Dogging 39%
6. Chav 49%
7. Happy Slapping 56%
8. Broadband 88%

(By Asia Business Consulting)