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Monday, September 26, 2005

Train your employees to be less rude on the phone

It is clear that, since more and more people are mobile, they also use their mobile phones to stay in touch with customers or connect with their colleagues. Moreover, employees also use their mobile phones instead of the fixed line to undertake calls when they are in the office.

However, the thing is that people frequently behave differently on their mobile phone than on the "official" fixed line that is in their business. Sadly, this apparently results in some bad business conduct. "A study showed most people had poor mobile phone etiquette and ignored the effect it had on colleagues."

So I wonder, how much business is lost because you just forget that a call to your mobile phone is not necessarily from your best buddy, but from your key account contact. Or that it is better to pick up that call, because it could be your next contract, instead of letting it ring to finish your lunch, which can be annoying anyway.

(By Asia Business Consulting)