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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tech terms confuse employees and consumers

Plenty of new words regarding technology confuse the normal citizen on the road, not only the employee. Of course, there must be some targetting and as such, the story targets the employees. Those poor employees are once bullied by the press, this time, that they waste valuable time deciphering what a technical term means.

The recruiter who conducted the survey, which questioned 1,500 workers, says effective technology professionals "understand the need to tailor their levels of jargon".

Well, there might be some truth because just a few days earlier, research firm Harris International found it out the hard way for their clients. "a new survey from market researchers Harris Interactive suggests the average consumer doesn't know his VoIP from his elbow. The poll, commissioned by Verizon, found that out of 1,006 American adults, 20 percent believed VoIP was a hybrid automobile from Europe and 10 percent thought it was a low-carbohydrate vodka. Respondents were offered those choices in addition to the real definition of VoIP. Overall, 87 percent got the answer wrong."

So, sure, it is easy to confuse the consumer. But honestly, wouldn't it make more sense to take the tech jargon out and connect with the consumer?

(By Asia Business Consulting)