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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Caring, polite phone

Whatever the government says, whatever the police is trying to implement, mobile phone users just won’t stop chatting on the phone while driving. This seems to be a fact of life. Motorola, on the innovation roll after their recent introduction of the iTune phone, now introduces a new phone that politely assists drivers in their driving abilities.

It detects the driving style of the driver and assumes current driving conditions. “If the car is cruising on the highway, the only calls that are accepted are those from a pre-programmed phone book list — the ones the user wants to go through. All other incoming calls are routed to voice mail.

If the telephone detects the driver is frequently braking and moving the steering wheel — an indication of complex driving conditions — all calls are routed to voice mail. It will retrieve those on the driving list when the driving situation clears.” Interestingly, the phone calls 911 or a loved one, when the air bag is deployed and informs police about the accident and location.

A truly caring mobile phone, more so than a phone that simply changes colour.

(By Asia Business Consulting)