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Monday, September 12, 2005

Youth want better TV reporting

Most media tries to ramp up their ratings by producing stories full of gore, blood and violence. It is the general belief that this is what drives coverage, growth, more penetration and success. Is this true? Not necessarily.

In Taiwan, "young Internet users think that unprofessional reporters are one of the biggest problems with TV news reporting" with "many TV reporters who appear on variety shows overstep their professional boundaries with paparazzi-style reporting." "Exaggeration, strong political interference and violence listed as the primary flaws in TV reporting."

Clearly, the youth, whoever belongs to it, is more critical and knows where to get information that they prefer. And those, that don't adopt to the audience's new rules lose out, since those that especially use the net know their way around and access the content that furthers their informational requirements. And all the blood in traditional reporting won't help much to stem the decline.

(By Asia Business Consulting)