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Monday, September 12, 2005

Palm Source is gone. What about the Palm OS?

The story of Palm is reminding me so much of Netscape. Netscape was market leader in the Internet browser market and everybody laughed at the Internet Explorer. Palm was the market leader in the PDA market, enticing everybody with the ease of how to work the operating system.

Nobody thought that Microsoft would be able to enter and sustain in the market. At best, their first attempts were pathetic. But Microsoft is an amazing company that keeps coming back with better and better versions.

To survive the onslaught of competitors in the PDA market, Palm split itself into two, a couple of years ago. PalmSource was created as a company that would focus on the development of great and appealing software.

It wasn't suppose to be. "Access, a company based in Tokyo, which makes NetFront browser, and PalmSource, provider of Palm OS, have signed a definitive agreement for ACCESS to acquire PalmSource in an all-cash transaction." With all the major competitors gaining market share on PalmSource - is it still worth the US$324 million paid for? And with PalmSource gone, what happens to the OS? Will the next Palm Product run on Windows?

(By Asia Business Consulting)