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Friday, September 09, 2005

Now it is EBay that is talking to Skype

It is interesting how the ball rolls. First, there was Google, who was said to be interested in Skype, but they recently released their own voice ability.

Next in the ring was News Corp, however, this deal also fizzled out and the same happened to Yahoo. Now, EBay shows up as a potential partner and even so Skype has hardly any profit, the deal has been estimated to be worth as much as US$3 billion.

A deal surrounding skype seems close, since the major players are now gone. Who could come if the deal with EBay doesn't work out, who would be left? Hardly a fit. If EBay doesn't work out, may be Skype's days are numbered, since competitors start flooding into the market already.

(By Asia Business Consulting)