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Thursday, December 01, 2005

File swapping still on

And of course it is still on. How is it possible to turn back the time after a period when things were given away for free. It doesn't matter that Napster closed down and has changed, that Grokster is going out and that Kazaa is ... is it still around? Research found out that European European consumers who download music from illegal file-sharing websites outnumber those using legal services. "The research suggests only five per cent of all internet consumers pay to download music while 15% share the music without paying. In the 15-24 year age group, 34% admitted to sharing music online without paying for it."

And what is wrong with that? Business model change, how often do I have to say this. Some understand, some don't. But it is clear that so-called illegal downloads also promote legal ones, and I am happy to repeat it every time.

Sure, the movie industry and the music industry would like to gain control and they are trying hard, by suing their own customers. But tell me one company, where this has worked before?

The researcher in this study pinpoint it correctly: "The digital youth of today are being brought up on a near limitless diet of free and disposable music from file-sharing networks. When these consumers age and increase spending power they should become key music buying consumers."

(By Asia Business Consulting)