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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Banning mobile phones in schools

It is easier to ban than to educate. The only challenge remaining is the need to enforce a ban, but this is not the responsibility of those issuing the guidelines to ban.

In Malaysia, "the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) is in favour of the call by a consumer group to ban the use of cellphones in schools by students under 12 years old.

Why? The reason given was that the devices can interrupt lessons or may be a distraction in class.

Even nicer is the comment by Perak Consumer Affairs Committee chairman, Datuk G. Rajoo who says that "“the evils of the cellphone far outweighs its benefits” and that the students were sending SMSes (short message service) and downloading “unsuitable” photographs instead of paying attention in class."

So, instead of integrating the correct usage of mobile phones into the curriculum - i.e.; how to answer a mobile phone politely, the future of mobile phones and possible innovation, what not to do with a mobile phone or just explaining tech terms, let's just ban it. But please, don't complain that the young users are not tech savvy and that the country is not able to compete against the giants.

Okay, one might say that this can be included when kids are older, but isn't the young age the age when learning is easiest?

(By Asia Business Consulting)