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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

iPod creates silence in formerly noisy places

Well, remember the entry in this blog recently about the high-pitched noise a retailer applied against youth that loitered in front of his shop?

May be he should have give away some iPods for free because now, there is the "rumour" that iPods replace the chatter of mobile phones in the underground system of Chicago.

The reporter writes that "It is clear, to my ears anyway: As more and more commuters plug in, turn on and tune out the world beyond them, train compartments and bus cabins have become quieter, dreamier." And what has the iPod replaced? Mobile phones - the chatter of the people has gone down because more people use the iPod instead of their phone. Hm - this is interesting. May be Apple should include a mobile phone into the iPod - what do you think?

(By Asia Business Consulting)