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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Shifting ethics by country

Do you remember the case when Yahoo revealed the identity of a journalist to the Chinese government and later said that it just obeyed local laws?

I was wondering at that time about Yahoo's social responsibility (but never checked if their stock price actually declined). I mean, it is declared policy of many US companies to be and act ethical, and socially responsible, especially after Enron and all.

Does this mean that this behaviour or corporate conduct only applies in the US, but stops in other countries?

Truly enough "a senior EC official has criticised hi-tech firms for helping China silence its domestic critics. In a blog entry, EC vice president Margot Wallstroem said Microsoft, Yahoo and Google were matching their morals to suit new markets.

In particular she said the firms seemed to have deleted words such as "ethics" and "corporate social responsibility" from their codes of conduct."

Great entry, and even more, the Vice President of the European Union has a blog! Way to go, Ms. Vice President.

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