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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

China and India

It is an interesting question - can you estimate the wealth of a country by the number of existing billionaires? I am not sure about that but I am sure that the Asian century is dawning when the number of billionaires in India and China is growing.

I actually don't care about the number, because probably, I won't be a billionaire in this lifetime. But it is interesting to see that magazine articles comment on the growth of billionaires in the two countries and take it as a measurement for which country is ahead.

In this sense, it is India. And there are as many as "27 billionaires, which is more than double (of) last year's count." And more: "Even more interesting is that the collective net worth of the 40 richest Indians outstrips that of Asian rivals China by as much as four times.

According to Forbes' data, the collective net worth of Indian billionaires stood at 106 billion dollars as against just 26 billion dollars of their Chinese counterparts."

Question is: Do you care?

(By Asia Business Consulting)