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Monday, December 12, 2005

Measuring the impact of blogs on brands

I am not sure if anything like this exists already and even if it does, this is a White Paper worth copying, reading and distributing. So download it here, the White Paper on Measuring the Impact of Blogs on Brands.

It apparently is the first paper that directly highlights the influence of blogs on corporate reputation, in this case Dell. If you are a regular surfer in the Internet sphere, you will realise that Dell's customer service is not the best one - well, the company didn't start out to be the best in customer service, but what they apparently deliver is not necessarily - I spare the rest.

Let me quote from the article:

"The white paper uses the example of blogger Jeff Jarvis’s criticism of the computer retailer, Dell. It shows first that Dell has sustained long-term damage to its brand image and secondly that the cheerleaders for the poor reputation of Dell’s customer services, are bloggers. The analysis demonstrates how bloggers exercise their power and how their authority has come at the expense of the conventional media sources such as the Washington Post and The New York Times."

And that, of course, is the hard part. In the bloggersphere, one company can only hope to be treate objectively. Which is tough, because we all operate from different experience levels and point of views.

What does this mean for a company? The finest attunement to tracking blogger comments and entries, and great skills in treating customers of all kinds with the utmost respect. Quite normal, but sometimes, this is the hard part of the game.

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