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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Quality assurance test at Chinese newspapers and magazines

Actually, it could be something worthwhile doing.

In China, all employees at Chinese newspapers and periodicals are ordered to undergo examinations to ensure they meet "press and publication qualifications."

Considering the tragic death of Princess Diana at the hands (or chase) of Paparazzi and other stories that involves bad journalism, well, actually, a quality assurance of the media might be worthwhile at thought.

But I stop the praise here. Because, firstly, it is China, which traditionally watches all new movements and free speeches with suspicion, and then, well, I am very much for freedom of speech and owning up to responsibility to what is written. Own ethics, so to speak, and not something that has been prescribed by a government regulation, or in a manual for writers.

For that, I believe it is China's dream of controlling everything in writing (and thinking?) that is showing its face yet again in another regulation. And soon, there will be more victims of regulations.

Despite the fact that Chinese surfers want freedom from control. In a very responsible manner. "Only eight per cent of Chinese surfers believe that political content should be controlled, down from 12 per cent in 2003. However, 73 per cent want restrictions on violence, and 85 per cent on pornography." Now how is that? Trust is about trusting that your population can manage itself, in certain manners. So let go, as simple as that!

(By Asia Business Consulting)