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Friday, December 02, 2005

Employee usage of e-mails

Once again, the e-mail using employee has been single out as the victim of an influx of emails.
"A study by EMC Corporation said that employees 20% of their time managing emails. An overwhelming number of corporate email end-users surveyed cited restricted email inbox space, and too many personal files (PST) to manage as their top email pain points. On average, Singapore companies typically handled about 100GB of emails per company annually. This is expected to grow at an average of 15% per year."

Sure it is expensive to store all those e-mails (that makes me realise that EMC is in the information and storage solutions business - interesting fact, isn't it?), especially the ones with attachment. But it also is a matter of educating users in handling the documents correctly. How often is it the case that users respond to mail by clicking "respond to all", then include the attachment as well and only want to say "Thank You". It happens, plenty of time. This is what clocks up server space.

Thus, why not educating employees about the etiquette in corresponding to e-mails. Or even earlier: Why not including online usage, inclusive e-mails into the school curriculum?

The result? Less confused employees, who face challenges in understanding their colleagues e-mails.

(By Asia Business Consulting)