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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Destroy the computer

I don't know what it is but nowadays, a lot of "funny" news is coming across my desk.

"UK charity Developing Patient Partnerships showed more than a third of men and a quarter of women have a drink to cope with stress."

The study intends to conclude that "modern annoyances of automated call centres, mobile phones and crashing computers" drives people to alcohol and cigarettes.

Okay - when my hard drive would crash, I wouldn't necessarily grap a bottle of whiskey and a cigarette to get over with it, hoping that all will be well, when I am sober again. Neither would I start smoking.

Stress might cause - and I say might! - health problems, but the reasons are not related to crashing computers, or constantly ringing phones. Health effects caused by stress has more to do with lack of control over what you do and lack of experience with the type of work - thus also lack of empowerment. If you know what you do, have the appropriate resources to manage the work or the task at hand, stress effects are greatly reduced. As simple as that. Thus, instead of drinking the whiskey or smoking the stick, just take your mobile phone and call the computer shop!

(By Asia Business Consulting)