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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our CDs change, once again

Ah - how many of us still remember the good old vinyl records, those old black disks that scratched so easily.

Then came the CDs, and we all were sold on the idea that nothing can destroy them. Well, how foolish were we, when we tossed them here and there. How often did they hang in the recorders, because they got scratched.

Now, change is on its way: "Todd Kuchman, founder and chief executive of Scratch-Less Disc Industries, came up with a low-tech fix. He added a series of bumps around the edge of the disc, keeping the surface slightly raised."

But the question is - how important is that? Aren't discs on their way out, basically, replaced by memory sticks, online storage and well, pirated CDs as well, anyway?

I am not sure if this a great invention, but well, there is always space for innovation or incremental change in the industry. But this invention is not as revolutionary as it might look at first glance.

(By Asia Business Consulting)