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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Web designs, oh web designs

It is happening all around us. More and more ads infiltrate formerly great web- and news pages and it also happens with blogs - here, we find the infiltration of Adsense by Google, sprinkled all across the pages, not just at the side.

The worse, and this is not just my opinion, are those webpages that are split. So in order to read on, you have to click the famous "continue" button only .... to find more ads. Where is the quality text? After all, did we "fight" so hard against pop-ups just to be swamped by more ads? Haven't advertisers learnt anything from the decline of advertisement on television or radio? Where is the content-specific ad? Where is the responsible blogger who puts ads where they belong? Out of the sight from the reader!

Or, as the Inquirer writes:

"The whole practice of two lines a page has to stop now. I know, you need your greedy ad dollars, but rather than put out good content, you make out lives hard. There are two major sites that just got taken off my reading list, not because of content, that has been pretty poor for a long time on both. In this case, it is 80 ads on a page with less content than a decent headline."

I fully agree!

(By Asia Business Consulting)