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Monday, January 09, 2006

Comparison shopping with the mobile phone

Japan is ahead in mobile communications, so it is actually nothing new that they introduce the ability to do comparison shopping on the phone.

This is introduced despite their ability of mobile phones to function as cameras, game ports, phone books, calculators, radio/recorders, dictionaries, alarm clocks, schedulers, TV remote controllers, e-mail and voice mail terminals and e-money.

"The new service will cover products that consumers are particularly concerned about, including consumer electronics products, food, books, CDs, DVDs and cosmetics. Bar codes on about 400,000 products can be scanned."

Mobile phone companies and handset makers are desparate to move mobile phone users to higher end data services and they will look full of envy to Japan. Does the future of mobile phones start in Japan, still, or do Japanese also need to be educated on the use of mobile phones?

(By Asia Business Consulting)