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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The dead zone is the last resort

Another article on gadgets and the overwhelmed individual and their coping strategies. I said it before, it is a tough life if you are not able to create the space that you need to rejuvenate your private life, generate new energy to get going the next day. To be bad at time management in 24/7 can be a killer, if only it can destroy your family life.

Now, there is the iPod that is also involved in the discussion but I am not going into this direction.

But true enough, how often do you use excuses to avoid the call of the phone and let it ring? Well, with GPS, this is all over soon, because technology allows the caller to see were you are. Until then, you can say that you had been in the dead zone - no signal available. Or, as the interviewed person says: "Before the cell phone, we can always say, 'Oh, I was in the yard when you phoned. Now the last remaining excuse you have is, 'Oops, I'm in a dead zone.' This is the curse of digital slavery." Or, if all fails, eat your phone!

(By Asia Business Consulting)