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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Copyright, the Internet and schools

Is it possible to say that Internet provision in schools is crucial to education? Even so it depends on what you are doing with the Internet is school, I would believe it is an important tool to prepare children and youth for a challenging work environment in which learning and constant education is crucial.

Schools always faced the conflict with teachers that simply copied pages from books to distribute those to their students. This was so in my time and will be so in the future.

How would it be if these schools are now challenged by copyright issues of material that they use for their lessons?

I believe it is great for someone whose material is used in the classroom. Doesn't it show certain qualification of the material that is posted on the web, or of your reputation?

In Australia, schools "have warned they will have to turn off the internet if a move by the nation's copyright collection society forces them to pay a fee every time a teacher instructs students to browse a website.

Isn't this plain .... stupid?

(By Asia Business Consulting)