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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The bad news can be good news

As stated yesterday, mobile Internet might become more interesting with the entry of more companies into the market, and with the future development of technology also leading to more convergence.

"Research group Gartner and others estimate that about 20 different cell phone models will be available in 2006 that can connect to Wi-Fi, with about 20 million units expected to be sold this year alone."

"rollout of mid-priced cell phones that can make calls both over conventional mobile networks and over the Internet, using Wi-Fi wireless connections, will be good news for callers who want lower mobile phone bills.
It could be bad news, however, for mobile phone companies, which will lose revenue if people do more of their calling over inexpensive Internet broadband networks -- which they can do at home or at the office with Wi-Fi."

This is not much, of course, but it is a development. Will we wait for this development as long as we waited for 3G or will the development take off earlier? That's the mystical question, of course, but clearly, things are moving in the market. The next question relates to the reaction of the traditional mobile phone operators. Will they wait? Will they see the threat as opportunity and move in the space available? You answer that question!

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