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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Anonymity on the web

Clearly, there is an ongoing development and discussion about anonymity online. Too many cases of misuse happened and as a consequence, countries asked online registration. Is this good? It can be good, in case of cyber-bullying, of course, even so it doesn't guarantee a solution to many problems.

Once some registration system is developed, a database is created. And, as everybody knows, databases have this certain appeal to hackers.

In Korea, it involves the popular game Lineage. In order to play the game, subscribers need to register.

Now apparently, "complaints piled up last week after hackers were found to have stolen private data, including resident registration numbers, of people subscribing online to the Lineage game." 200,000 identities were stolen.

Quite a lot. Is online registration important? In certain situations, certainly.

In others, no. What needs to be beafed uo - security. And the potential for human errors.

(By Asia Business Consulting)