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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wi-fi to rule the world

Ambiteous title, I know, but this is how it is shaping oput to be.

Imagine a world of constant inter-connection. Anywhere, anytime. When mobile phones burst onto the scene, no one believed this little "anywhere, anytime" would actually become reality, and now it is. Why not then with Wi-fi as well?

So far, it was restrictive to your own little home, but sooner or later, hot spots will be pop up all over the place.

In the UK, the world is changing already: "In some British cities, plans are advancing to set up so many hotspots that entire neighbourhoods become wi-fi enabled. One of the biggest will be in London's Square Mile; it will give more than 350,000 workers always-on access to the net."

What will be the impact? You will be able to have everything from the web with you. Online games, reality games, constant working and receiving, writing and sending of e-mails.

"The divide that separates people from their online lives will utterly disappear."

Nice for those, who look forward to it. Bad for those, who feel threatened by it.

(By Asia Business Consulting)