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Monday, July 10, 2006

Talking iPod a competitive weapon?

There is movement in the highly competitive MP3 market space. Apparently, Apple, ever inventive, is planning to top the game by developing a talking iPod.

Thinking of situation where a user cannot access the iPod to actually see what is playing or coming next, "the new iPod will tell you what it is about to play, removing the need for users to look at the screen while selecting music, and making the device safer and easier to use while driving, cycling or in badly-lit locations."

I can imagine current situations where iPods are distracting drivers so much that they take their eyes off the road to study the display but hey - the question is: are they doing it with the earphone in their ears? Isn't this just as unsafe?

Is a talking iPod really the crux of competitive development for Apple, whose iPod has taken some beating "amid claims of poor working conditions at a Chinese factory where the devices are made."

Anyway - I hope that the talking iPod has at least the option to listen to some sexy voice, right, since usually, computer animated voice sounds hallow and robot-like. And may be the option to have actors announce the next song, how would that be? May be a selection of female and male ones, to balance the gender. If this is competitive, however, I don't know.

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