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Friday, May 06, 2005

Addicted to technology

Who isn't addicted to something, anything? Be it the Internet, work, mobile phones - basically, whatever comes to mind can cause addiction. What about beautiful women, or handsome guys? What about racing and racing cars - and, oh no - smoking and alcohol?

What I want to indicate is that it is easy to blame something for habits - and then, in turn, invent whole new industries to prevent addiction and wean people of it. Sure, some addictions are deadly, like smoking or alcohol, no doubt about that, but often, it is just a company interested in making money that claims that certain activities are bad for you.

Anyway, a "Chinese company has launched a new service to break the internet addiction of youngsters. At present, there are four major methods for breaking net addiction: the conversation method, desensitisation therapy, medication and hypnotherapy."

Sure, it might work. But developing coping strategies, basically teaching a reasonable usage, providing alternatives - how about that?

(By Asia Business Consulting)