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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Microsoft seals new China deal

First, we had Google that was finally allowed by the Chinese government to enter China and open their own office.

Next, Microsoft is following - it signed a contract to form a joint venture with Shanghai Alliance Investment and make its first acquisition in China to start an MSN Internet and mobile phone software business there. "Microsoft has long seen China as a key growth market but also a headache because of widespread software piracy and copyright problems. Microsoft opened a research laboratory in Beijing in 1998."

Why are all of them eagerly looking to China? Naturally, it is the growth potential. Internet penetration in China is still low and subscription rates continue to grow rapidly, making the Internet part of the common lifestyle.

Another reason might be that China's steps to make the Internet a "safer place" has been recognised and well, the giants honour their commitment.

(By Asia Business Consulting)