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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Phishing's growing numbers and the stupidity of certain institutions

It's really been a while since I wrote about phishing attacks. May be I just hoped that people would learn not to fall victim to such cyberattacks but well, apparently, they haven't.

"Phishing attacks have increased by 226%, while viruses and worms, such as Sober and Mytob, are continuing to spread rapidly." "in May more than 30% of e-mails contained some form of virus a 33% increase from the previous month. In many instances, the virus traveling via e-mail infiltrated a computer's hard drive and then forwarded itself to the user's entire address book."

While phishers get smarter at exploiting the goodwill of people in enticing people to open mails, there are still enough mails where it is clear that it contains viruses.

However, "Computer security specialists RSA and Computer Associates have been called "stupid" for sending e-mails containing "masked" links, which are often used in phishing attacks."

It is clear that all the education for users is useless, when even established firms use methods that resemble tactics used by phishers. Do I wonder?

(By Asia Business Consulting)