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Monday, July 04, 2005

Search engine strategies in China

There are plenty of local search engines in China which are pretty strong. Then, there is Yahoo, MSN and Google.

Yahoo, according to the article, struggled for years before they decided to acquire 3721 to strengthen its foothold in China.

MSN starts with a Representative Office.

Google is not quite clear about the way to go. ""There are two options for Google," said Eric Schmidt, its CEO. Google holds shares of Baidu, the No.1 in Chinese search engine market. There is possibility for Google and Baidu to deepen cooperation, say, Google holding more Beidu's stakes, or even a JV. This may lead to Google's takeover of Baidu, turning Baidu into its subsidiary in China. The other option for Google is to strengthen its representative office in China by massive recruitment and finally set up its China subsidiary."

Is a strategy always important? When does it become important? How often to you change a strategy? Where and how do you benchmark a strategy? How do you apply a strategy?

Important questions, right?

(By Asia Business Consulting)