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Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's always about humans

Technological failures happen because humans are bound to forget or fail to follow certain procedures and rules. This is the premise of technology, and it doesn't make sense to point fingers to technology, when in fact, humans are the ones responsible. That's why it is so scare when there is news that confidential data - personal data or those things that are better off the web for real security reasons) has been leaked - onto the web, or onto a CD-Rom (I should underline public data to differentiate this story from the previous).

In India, police arrested a call centre worker for alleged theft of personal customer information that the firm was handling for its clients - the worker was caught copying data onto a compact disc.

I wonder if now once again, the finger pointing starts to claim that outsourcing is the culprit behind the theft, and not a worker, who did something wrong. He would have done the same in a bank or wherever there is opportunity, and he didn't do it just because he worked in a call center.

(By Asia Business Consulting)