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Friday, September 09, 2005

Yahoo obeyed the law to turn journalist in

It is tough to operate according to local laws, rules and regulations if you are in a void. How to act in such cases? Yahoo said that it was only following Chinese law when it provided evidence that helped land a local journalist a 10-year jail sentence. "The incriminating e-mail, sent April 20, 2004, contained information regarding a Chinese government warning for its commissars, urging them to be vigilant ahead of the 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre and to watch out for dissident activity."

I partially understand their action, but then, where is your social responsibility? When a company enters China, it knows that rules are made and executed differently. Still, there is something like human rights - and I strongly believe that human rights don't differ across the globe. Human rights are global and should not be bend. Otherwise, we would still have sweatshops that sprinkled the landscape not too long ago. With people increasingly aware of such violations and tools like the Internet that help to make them publicly available at a fast speed, human rights abuses will hopefully cease to exist in the nearer future.

(By Asia Business Consulting)