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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mobile portability - a possibility in Malaysia?

It is the greatest for any company to be able to lock their customers into their service. Locking in means that a customer can only move to a different service with great pain, a new learning process and everything. That is the reason why apple, for example, languishes at their 5% market share. Because users of Microsoft don't want to switch - it is not that they love Microsoft, but it is the inconvenience to switch.

A switch in the mobile communications market would mean that someone can change the provider without losing the mobile number. Many if not most mobile phone users don't want to switch, because that would imply tremendous burdens. Companies would have to inform their suppliers, and customers about a new number. Similar, a private user could lose touch with friends and acquaintances.

Once a switch is possible, it puts the burden to keep a customer on the company. A company needs to deliver. With value added services, with delighting the customer and so on - easing the billing procedures, avoiding drop-outs and you know what. So it is good for the customer.

Malaysia is just now starting to consider the move, and, yes, it would be a great move.

(By Asia Business Consulting)