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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stupid behaviour - it also happens in the UK

It is amazing - over the last week or so, I wrote twice about individuals that just thought they could get away with inappropriate behaviour. One was the guy in Malaysia who sent threatening SMS messages to the police, while in Singapore, two bloggers were jailed for leaving racist comments in blogs.

It continues with a story from the UK. Here, we have the youth who conned people's money by selling them .eu domain names, even so he is not a reseller. Additionally, the dough rolled in by posting letters to people whose domain names were due to expire, demanding a renewal fee under threat of service being withdrawn.

All of this was done from his parents bedroom. He got caught, but when the police came, he threatened them with murder and also said that he would bring down the Internet in the UK by programming robot computers.

All of this took place over an amazing 5 year period and made him pretty rich - cash, that is now disappeared and the initiator, Peter Francis-Macrae, 23.

So the list of charges against him will be pretty long, I suspect! Well, he can hide the cash, but he can't run away from the law, and might end up in jail for a long time!

(By Asia Business Consulting)