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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Global spamming

We all hate spamming, and I wish the day would come when spamming is a thing of the past. It will take long.

However, the US was successful in pushing down their share of spamming by jailing spammers. "The United States was the country of origin for around 26 percent of global spam, down from 41.5 percent a year ago. The share of spurious e-mails from South Korea and China, which held the second and third position, has gone up to nearly 20 percent and 16 percent respectively, from 12 percent and 9 percent."

That is great - let's just hope that other countries will be as determined as the US (even so many spammers might just change country), even so there is not that much hope. Korea is trying, but may be not hard enough while China should expand its ridiculous control over the Internet to spam as well.

(By Asia Business Consulting)