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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blogger admits that he caused accident - in blog

Take care what you write in your blog.

In the US, a blogger admitted to causing his friends death in his blog - he admitted to pulling the steering wheel of the car they were driving in, causing the car to spin and end up in a drain.

He wrote in his blog: "It was me who caused it. I turned the wheel. I turned the wheel that sent us off the road, into the concrete drain ... How can I be fine when everyone else is so messed up?"

He later retracked and deleted the entry, but it was enough to investigate. Nevertheless "the confession forced him to lead guilty to manslaughter charges. He could have gotten 15 years in prison, but defense lawyer John Spivey and Assistant State Attorney Julie Greenberg recommended five years in prison, 10 years of probation and a permanent license suspension."

His blog will be used as evidence.

So, whatever you write, can be read. By anyone who has got access to it. That easy.

(By Asia Business Consulting)