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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No more Kazaa in Australia

Finally, the music industry succeeded again, at least in Australia. Kazaa no more, after they shut down their service following orders from Federal Court.

Those with an installed version, so, will still be able to download.

"he Kazaa Web site is expected to remain off-limits to Australian users at least until at a decision is made in the appeal by Sharman and associated parties against the orders. The appeal is due to be heard in February.

The Federal Court of Australia had ruled in September on civil lawsuit brought by about 30 music labels that Sharman and associated parties had authorized users of Kazaa to breach copyright. The Federal Court had ordered Sharman to install a keyword-filtering system in Kazaa by Nov. 5 that would prevent copyright-infringing behavior by users. The court then granted a further extension until Dec. 5.

However, Sharman and the music industry had during a conference discussed the use of more effective measures than keyword filtering, with so-called "audio fingerprinting" software raised as an option. The music industry is believed to have opted not to attend a second proposed conference."

My question is, why is Australian recording industry association not happy with the shut down?

In a statement they wrote: "Sharman has thumbed its nose at the court. They were given a chance to do the right thing and they've ruined it. They cannot be trusted to even take the simplest steps towards complying with the court's orders and again have shown they intend to do nothing about the illegal activities occurring on a massive scale on their system."

Contradiction, right? Sharman, who is "running" Kazaa shut down and they still be denounced by the recording industry? Makes me wonder.

What else will be there? Well, after the original Napster closed down, many, many other download services turned up. Let's see how many will pop up now. Or, if downloads from legal sites now thrive or dive?

(By Asia Business Consulting)