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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

'Made in India' Phone Unveiled

Motorola has just developed a mobile phone for the "common man, which is an auto rickshaw driver, a paan shop owner, a wrestler, nurse and a primary school teacher." (not my words).

It is interesting, what all goes as 'Made in ...", in this case made in India. Isn't it that Motorola is a US firm? So what we see here is actually a result of globalisation.

Nevertheless, a positive development due to the fact that in India much as 98 percent of the demand in the country is voice, and only 2 percent is data and value-added services. He pointed out that tele-density has grown 25 percent, to reach the 125-million subscriber mark by December 2005.

As such, it is appropriate for a company like Motorola to cater to the vast number of people in order to grow business. Because high valued products such as the RAZR or ROKR won't go very far in countries where the majority of the population cannot afford such kind of proudcts. It is not that I want to keep high-priced products from them, but it is more realistic to go in with products that make sense to those countries.

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